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Therapist Buffalo
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Is anxiety, depression or stress interfering with your joy and happiness in life?
Do you repeat negative patterns of thoughts, emotions and behaviors?
Or have you had a therapist only sit silently and passively as you talk about your problems, offering little feedback to help you reach your goals? That won't happen with me. I will provide you with direct and helpful feedback in order to help you make constructive changes in your life.

Dr. Stephen Shainbart, Licensed Psychologist

PhD in Psychology

25+ Years Experience in NYC 

Resourceful, Effective, and Experienced

Red Brick

An Interactive 

Individual, Couples, and Family Therapist in Buffalo.


My Approach to Therapy in Buffalo, NY.

Some clients have told me that when  they tried psychotherapy in the past they felt they received little in return. That’s because many therapists sit quietly in the background and do not offer constructive feedback. I approach things differently and over my 25 years of experience working as a psychologist in Buffalo, I have always been straightforward, interactive, and proactive with clients.

Of course, like all therapists, I strive to create a setting in which you feel comfortable and free to express yourself. However, unlike many therapists,  I am not afraid or reluctant to give you the direct feedback you need to hear. And, unlike many therapists, I also sometimes use humor in my work. I see no contradiction between being playful while remaining a serious and focused healer. You can read more about my treatment areas for Individuals, Couples and Teenagers.


  • Individual Psychotherapy with Adults and Adolescents

  • Couples and Family Therapy New York, New York

  • Online and Phone Appointments Available

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How a Psychologist In Buffalo NY Works...

The psychologist in Buffalo, NY, adopts a highly personalized and evidence-based approach to therapy, ensuring that each client's unique needs are met with the utmost care and expertise. Therapy sessions in Buffalo are structured to begin with an initial assessment phase to establish therapy goals and assess the client's mental health status. This is followed by the development of a collaborative treatment plan and regular therapy or couples therapy sessions, which are typically scheduled weekly or bi-weekly. Each session focuses on the agreed-upon goals and incorporates the selected therapeutic techniques. The psychologist continuously assesses progress and adjusts the treatment plan as needed, while also assigning homework or exercises to reinforce learning and promote active participation. By building coping skills and resilience, the psychologist empowers clients to manage their mental health effectively and achieve lasting well-being.

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