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Family happy because  of therapy in  New York, NY.

Family Psychotherapy

How Family Psychotherapy Works
in Buffalo, New York

Family therapy and Family counseling is a branch of psychotherapy that focuses on the actions and behaviors of family members, and how the actions and behaviors affect the rest of the family unit. The family as a whole and the relationships held between certain family members are addressed. 


Some examples of areas that Family therapy involve:

  • Anxiety

  • Children’s behavior

  • Couple’s conflict

  • Depression

  • Distress

  • Drug abuse

  • Eldercare

  • Eating disorders

  • Grief

  • Schizophrenia

  • Weight issues

Family Counseling in Buffalo, NY. - What To Expect


The first meeting will begin with introductions by the family and the psychotherapist. This meeting is essentially the “get to know you,” session. I will be gather information and find out the reasons that you have chosen to take part in family therapy and find out the opinions of everyone involved within the family unit. Then I  will outline the goals of the therapy sessions, the items to consider when in and out of sessions, and who should attend the sessions. 


As the sessions progress, you will begin to identify the individual roles within the family unit, and what triggers the conflicts and challenges that arise within the family. I will then help you explore options and provide resources to resolve issues in a constructive manner. ​

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