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A girl feeling sad before therapy in New York, NY

Therapy for Depression
in Buffalo.

How Therapy for Depression
In Buffalo Works?

Depression is more than just about the blues, or something you can “snap out of” if you just try hard enough. Depression can create persistent feelings of sadness, fatigue, agitation, or restlessness which can interfere with your daily activities (like work, sleep, study, eating and socializing), and prevent you from enjoying the things you once loved to do. It can also sabotage your opportunity to achieve your life goals.

Comprehensive Depression Help

Some people may regard depression as a sign of weakness, which can compound the sense of worthlessness and isolation they may be feeling. Depression is, in fact, a recognized emotional illness which may be triggered by events in one’s life, both in the present and from the past. Often depression can be heightened when current events in one’s life resonate with past hurtful experiences.
When the present and the past align negatively in this way, it can be like a “perfect storm” leading you down a negative spiral. I will help you separate past from present in the way you perceive things, react to things. This will liberate you to develop new and more effective coping mechanisms that you didn't know you were capable of.  In this way, psychotherapy can address and alleviate your depressed feelings and behavior.

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